Creatives Concoct Different Kind of Recommendation Site

By Erik Oster Comment

Stockholm-based freelance creative Robbin Ingvarsson and Hyper Island interactive art director student┬áKali Adams have created a different kind of recommendation site, with help from developer Alexander Wallin, called “Not Recommended For You.”

Tired of computerized “personalized recommendations” based on things like “our prior browsing history, likes and dislikes, keeping us inside the same algorithm bubbles,” Not Recommended For You attempts to re-humanize the world of online recommendations. Visitors to the site are met with random recommendations (that are decidedly “not for you”) from random people from all over the world. The recommendations range from serious life advice to places to visit, to film recommendations, to how to start a night of drinking…and . It’s an intriguing idea, and quite the departure from the usual online recommendation experience. Give it a shot for yourself, there’s no telling what kind of recommendations you’ll get (which is what makes it fun).