Sub Rosa Creative Co-Directs Phantogram’s New Music Video

By Erik Oster 

Joshua Davis, media arts director at NYC/London experience design firm, Sub Rosa, co-directed the new music video for fellow New Yorkers Phantogram’s “Fall In Love.” Davis also produced all the graphics for the video, which debuted last week in anticipation of their new album Voices, which was released yesterday.

The music video, directed by Timothy Saccenti, “blends digital and physical experiences created via a series of randomly generated graphics that are projected through software in real time.” Davis created the graphics using 55 different JAVA programs that each “had a unique composition and animation.” For the video, the team narrowed it down to 12 programs, and projected the animations onto the band and dancers live while filming. Phantogram (Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter), which just released their second full-length, Voices, and are described with little accuracy as an “American hazy dream-pop duo,” are not bad. Blending elements of trip-hop, dance pop and R&B in the song, the video above fits their style well. Stick around for credits after the jump.



Label: Republic Records

Song Title: “Fall in Love”

Artist: Phantogram

Director: Timothy Saccenti

Co-Director: Joshua Davis

Producer: Brooke McDaniel

Exec. Producer: Jennifer Heath

Editor: Rex Lowry

VFX: Matt Posey

Cinematography: Ivan Abel

Production Company: Radical Media