CP+B, Hyper Island Aim to Bring About World Peace in Just Three Days

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Perhaps CP+B’s taking a cue from its former leader and current Fearless fellow, Alex Bogusky, with its new effort called “72 Hours for Peace.” This morning, the agency “surprised” over 300 students at Hyper Island in Sweden with the announce of their three-day event, which calls for the Islanders to team up with CP+B creatives and come up with at least 60 ideas for global peace by this Friday, the 18th.

We’re on Swedish time here, so now they actually have just under two days and six hours to complete their mission. Here’s a basic schedule of the 72 festivities in case you’re still interested: Today, the Hyper kids are undergoing something called “creative exploration,” tomorrow they’ll be getting wisdom from social entrepreneurs and global organization and pitch a handful of ideas to their peers, and by Friday, they’ll be uploading videos that outline their peace plans. Can they actually accomplish their goals and come up with substantial plans or should we just play cynic like always and just write them off as hopeless idealists? Guess we’ll find out soon enough. You can keep track of the 72 Hours event here.