So What’s Up with the R/GA, Pfizer Relationship?

By Kiran Aditham 

In the wake of the ChapStick social media debacle that surrounded the brand’s now-defunct Facebook campaign from a few weeks ago, our tips box has been regularly lit up with allegations that the relationship between ChapStick parent company Pfizer and digital agency R/GA has suffered.

This week’s round of tips go so far as to say that even though R/GA was ready to roll out a “ridic” Facebook app for ChapStick, which has been a client for a few years now, the agency has cut or is in the process of cutting ties with Pfizer because, among other things, of how poorly the corporate giant handled the ChapStick Facebook issue.The last tip sent this morning regarding the matter put it bluntly, “holy sh R/GA just fired Pfizer!”

Since R/GA is not allowed to comment on ChapStick regardless of how good, bad or ugly the situation is, we contacted Pfizer directly and despite all the tips saying otherwise, a spokesperson told us that as of now, the company is currently working with R/GA. Wait, what? Either this person is the last to know, or a syndicate of tipsters is just toying with us and this is all just wishful thinking on their parts. For now, our status is confused, but we’ll hopefully see how this plays out for better or worse in the coming days/weeks.