Copywriter Uses LinkedIn, ‘Arrested Development’ Characters to Score Job

By Bob Marshall Comment

A week after Netflix finally released season four of Arrested Development for the country to binge-watch, most Americans feel they’ve done their civic duty by finishing all 15 episodes and sharing their opinions via whatever social media platform they prefer. In other words, the mere mention of anything Arrested Development-related will most likely cause you to double over in fits of projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea, but don’t blame copywriter Justin Racz for that. Instead, blame society like you always do.

Looking for work and in need of something to stand out to creative recruiters, Racz created (at least three) LinkedIn profiles for Arrested Development characters including George Bluth Sr., GOB Bluth, and America’s favorite Analrapist, Tobias Funke. After receiving a connect invitation and a message soliciting work in each characters’ voice, recruiters were then led to LinkedIn profiles that featured Racz’s portfolio. As luck would have it, recruiters and agency heads are the only people in Netflix territory that aren’t experiencing¬†Arrested Development overload, ending in Racz receiving a few freelance offers. He boasts that he spoke to over 50 agency heads in one day at the total campaign cost of $0.

If you’re looking for Racz, odds are he took that gig with MRY, or else he wouldn’t have shown the offer and recruiter’s email address via this little case study. But, hey, he flexed his ability at using current, newsworthy events to his own personal benefit. And, really, more ad campaigns could stand to do just that a little more often.