GS&P Parlays Fake Audubon/Obama Twitter Feud into Musical Tweet Project

By Kiran Aditham 

Last week, those perennial rabble-rousers at The Onion took it upon themselves last week to offer up a blow-by-blow account of a Twitter tiff (albeit fake) between President Obama and The Audubon Society (home to “the original tweeters” as the latter says). The slideshow thus prompted the president (or those handling his Twitter account nowadays) to suggest the Audubon Society as a Friday Follow on Twitter (Mashable has a summary of what transpired here).

Well, inspired by the goings on, GS&P decided to get its client, Audubon, in on the joke while thanking @BarackObama for the #FF by coming up with a musical effort dubbed “Tweet Your Tweet.” The project, which is a collaboration between the Goodby camp and Swedish music production company, Dinahmoe,  matches bird chirps to the corresponding tones/letters (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) in your tweets. As you can see in the image above, the president’s account is aptly enough the first to get a nod in “Tweet Your Tweet,” which can get somewhat grating after a while but hey, gotta appreciate the quick turnaround. Regarding the effort, GS&P chief digital officer Kalle Hellzen says, “…we immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring more #birders into the Audubon society. We developed the perfect ‘thank you’ to @barackobama and a fun experience for everyone else to play with.”


Credits after the jump.

Kalle Hellzen – Chief Digital Officer

Michael Phillips – Group Executive Producer, GSP BETA

Chris Allick – Lead Developer, GSP BETA

Scott Shue – Developer, GSP BETA

Mike Newell – Developer, GSP BETA


Marpi Marcinowski – Developer, GSP BETA


Patrick Wong – User Experience, GSP BETA

Ben Wolan – Creative Director

Roger Baran – Copywriter

Sam Luchini – Art Director

Pablo Rochat – Designer

Ronnie Allman – Creative

Dinahmoe – Integrated Music and Sound Production