Cool: OK Go Returns, This Time with Dance Troupe and Google


By Kiran Aditham Comment

OK Go, the Rube Goldberg-adoring viral mavens who have endeared themselves to millions with their music videos, continue their inventive streak in a new HTML5 collaboration with Google Japan and dance troupe/choreographers Pilobolus. This Chrome-friendly campaign for “All Is Not Lost” (off their 2010 album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) lets you embed messages in the band’s latest music video and, yes, they will shake their moneymakers for you. We have to say the load time is a pain (and yeah, Firefox, Safari and Explorer users…best of luck), but if you’re patient enough to wait it out, it could be worth it.  You can get the full experience of “All is Not Lost,” which utilizes HTML5 Canvas technology and is also intended as a message of support for Japan, right here.