Mitchum Keeps Bad Parents Cool

By Bob Marshall 

What do you do if your product lacks an eye-catching design and has an old man’s name? Make up for it with nifty visuals and pretty young people in your television spots.

Mother NY’s and production company Brand New School’s “Love Thy Pits” campaign for Mitchum deodorant has, among other things, set clogs on fire and caused some to cry “ripoff” due to some similarities to recent Old Spice work. But, as this installment is one of a several new spots using the same fast-talking narration and colorful, well art-directed video graphics, Mitchum’s parent company Revlon’s attempts at attracting a younger market share must be paying off.


So, young millennial soccer mom, don’t sweat accidentally kidnapping a neighbor’s kid. Credits after the jump.

Advertising Agency: Mother New York

Creatives: Dave Clark, Christine Gignac, Rob Trostle, Michael Ian Kaye,
Bobby Hershfield, Paul Malmstrom

Strategist: Sarah Plaskitt

Agency Producer: Christine DoRego

Mother: Amory Wooden

Production Company: Brand New School

Director: Jonathan Notaro

Director of Photography: Eric Treml

Line Producer: David Wolfson

Production Manager: Stacy Bergstein

Art Director: Justin Fines

Editor: Erik Barnes

Flame: Blake Huber

Designers: Jonathan Notaro, Justin Fines, Stephen Kelleher

CG Lead: Vadim Turchin

3D Animation: Han Ho, Jerry Chow, Ryan Lang, Adam Rosenzweig

2D Animation: Hyesung Park, Robin Greenwood, Andy Mastrocinque, Adam Sacks,
Justin Demetrician

Storyboard Artist: Will Rosado

Compositor: Ted Kotsaftis, Bill Dorais

Executive Producer: Devin Brook

Managing Director:

Danny Rosenbloom

Post Producer: Toby Sowers

Production Coordinator: Zoe Beyer