‘Bike with a Brain’ Creators Return with Instagram-Friendly Toy

By Kiran Aditham Comment

The folks at New York-based firm Breakfast, who have been called “the mythbusters of advertising” and developed the “Precious” bike to benefit Livestrong last year, are having fun with the Instagram iPhone app via a new project called Instaprint.

The Breakfast club is touting this as a “smart” location-based photo booth that will print out Instagrams for given locations or hashtags. Anyone can take a photo and tag it, then let Instaprint find it and print, with comments and allĀ  included. Those waxing nostalgic for classic Polaroid might be happy to learn that the device uses an ink-less printing technology called Zink and the color comes from the paper itself, just like they did in old Polaroid pics.

Breakfast will start dispatching prototypes at SXSW (though the gang says Instaprint will be just as useful at bar mitzvahs) before introducing the final product on March 18. In the meantime, check out an image of Instaprint on glass after the jump and find out more about the photo booth here.