Audi Sticks it to BMW, Meredes, With Help From Venables Bell

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

At the risk of regurgitation, let me just say that I think these spots are OK. They’ll run during the 2010 Olympics. The first ad, “Friendly Competition” is by far the better piece because it takes a direct stab at BMW. The second, “Spell”, takes liberties it should avoid #&151 though I doubt most viewers will see the irony.

The important question: is this good advertising and does it make me want an Audi? Not unless it was built 40 years ago. The beauty of today’s new automobile is fleeting &#151 caused by the unstoppable progression of time. Some guys buy into it, and so Audi, BMW, and Mercedes will continue to do well. But classic cars are the past &#151 you’ll never get that James Dean feeling in an Audi S4, no matter how fast it takes corners. And for my money, the nostalgia purchase is more meaningful if you’re trying to buy a feeling.

And that leads me to the second ad, which you’ll find after the jump. It says we’ve all been told what to like, and offers that by purchasing an Audi we can finally be free. It’s ironic, and it will work &#151 well done, Venables Bell.

Here they get on Ferrari, Lexus et al, too.

Update: Hmm &#151 where have we seen this angst for Beige before? Ah yes, over on car-a-holic blog Jalopnik. Venables Bell, you must admit that you’re playing off this theme. You must!

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