AT&T, BBDO NY Ring in Halloween by ‘Ghostbombing’


By Kiran Aditham Comment

Lest we forget that Halloween is right around the corner, BBDO New York has rolled out a timely effort for AT&T that examines the otherworldly art of “Ghostbombing.”  Yep, even those haunting dwellers on the other side aren’t above a little photobombing of their own in this Facebook-based execution for the telecom giant. The clip above, which stars a seemingly fictional PhD owner/ghostbombing authority named “Leslie Enlow,” ties into a Facebook album that shows the bombers at work. Suffice it to say these ghosts are a more playful breed than the scary-as-hell ones in Paranormal Activity or anything of that ilk. Besides the silly nature of this campaign that was “only recently approved” and runs through Halloween, there is some purpose as it promotes the HTC OneX mobile device, albeit rather subtly.