Asics Goes Robin Hood on a Moving Vehicle

By Bob Marshall Comment

My, we’ve a lot of new Asics work from Vitro, haven’t we?

Following a series of bizarre durability tests and a shoe-shaped balloon animal, Asics is back to tell you that, yes, the Gel-Lyte33 is quite lightweight, and it enables joggers to keep pace with a truck in the desert should the need arise. Also, this Wild E. Coyote-esque archery contraption might be well suited for super-villains that feel compelled to leave their marks on victims. Are you listening, Rex Velvet?

For those wondering, the guy taking his aggression out on the truck is Ryan Hall, an athlete best known for placing fourth in last year’s Boston Marathon, making him the fastest American marathon runner alive. If the race’s actual winner, Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai, had taken part in this challenge, we assume we’d have a dead truck driver on our hands. Credits after the jump.

Creative Chairman: John Vitro
Creative Director: KT Thayer
Copywriter: Simone Nobili
Art Director: Kevin Cimo
Director of Broadcast: Mickey Strider
Film Production: Tate USA
Director: Ken Fox
Editing: 13 Keys
Visual Effects: 20Twenty
Sound Design: 13 Keys