You Say Kasich, WEWS Says Kosich

By Kevin Eck 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is campaigning for president in his home state this week. He sat down with a reporter from WEWS, which would be unremarkable except for the fact the reporter’s name is John Kosich.

It appears the two can tell each other apart, which is weird since the reporter for the Cleveland ABC affiliate said even his mom sometimes has trouble. He said she called him once to ask if he had filled in for Bill O’Reilly. It was Kasich. She told him “Mrs. Kelly (whose known me since birth) said she watched you and you did great.”

“For the record there is no relation other than the fact that we share a similar Croatian background,” Kosich wrote on his blog. “Over the last six or seven years I’ve enjoyed the number of viewer e-mails I’d occasionally get from folks who would tell me how much they enjoyed watching me on Fox.”

Kosich, who has worked at WEWS since April 2005, talks more about the Kasich confusion on his blog:

When he announced he was running for Governor I started getting similar comments. A colleague at a competing station came up to me in April when Kasich’s name first started being mentioned and said “are you running for office?” I politely explained the story. She said her hairdresser is convinced it’s you and she’s going to vote for you.

Forget about votes, maybe I should start accepting campaign contributions.

Kosich told TVSpy when he was an anchor in Atlantic City and Kasich was starting his political rise, he asked the now Ohio Governor if there was a family connection. Kosich said Kasich put him in touch with his uncle and the two realized there was no connection.