WZZM Makes Michigan Fans Cry with Wrong Report

By Kevin Eck 

Grand Rapids, Mich. ABC affiliate WZZM caught itself in a gaffe that could have put any Michigan football fan with a weak heart in danger.

Sports anchor Eric Lloyd told viewers the winner in the big game pitting Michigan against Michigan State was Michigan. But the Wolverines actually lost in the last few seconds. Even reporter Jamal Spencer, who was live at the game got it wrong. Saying Michigan won and “People are spilling out of Michigan stadium into the streets of Ann Arbor celebrating as the Paul Bunyon trophy is back in Ann Arbor for the first time since 2012.”

When Spencer tossed back to Lloyd, the sports anchor quickly told viewers the station had made a mistake and Michigan State was actually the winner.


The station issued an apology:

At the end of Saturday’s Michigan State victory over the University of Michigan – we screwed up. Due to a breakdown in communication, we reported that the Wolverines won.

When we make a mistake – our guideline is to correct it as quickly as possible and we did. Immediately.

Even though most TVs in Michigan were tuned to ESPN when we made the mistake – many thousands of people have seen at least portions of it on the internet and social media.

For the error – I want to say that we’re sorry. I’m sorry.

We have and will continue to discuss what we can learn to make sure we don’t do it again.

Taz Painter
WZZM 13 News Director

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