WXII Announces Anchor Changes On-Air

By Kevin Eck 

WXII AM Show Changes croppedIf viewers of WXII were surprised to see Kenny Beck co-anchoring the morning news alongside Kimberly Van Scoy, their confusion was soon cleared up after Van Scoy explained the anchor changes at the Winston-Salem N.C. NBC affiliate.

“In case you’re just waking up with us, you might be wondering why Kenny Beck is here this morning,” said Van Scoy. “He’s actually joining the morning team. He’s going to be my co-anchor from now on.”

Beck then told viewers, “Wanda Starke, as we announced a few months ago, is going part-time she will remain the anchor of our 6:00 p.m. show along with Cameron Kent.” He added “Nicole Ducouer and Talitha Vickers will be joining Cameron in the evenings. I’m taking Nicole’s spot here.”


Beck was the station’s sports director. Before coming to WXII, he was the senior anchor at WMDT in Salisbury, Md. Click here to watch the video of the announcement. The WXII site does not support embedding.