WWBT Reporter’s Camel Attack Goes Viral

By Andrew Gauthier 

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“Why are you eating my hair?” WWBT general assignment reporter Tara Morgan asked a camel who had just attacked her during a stand-up shot (video above). Maybe the camel was trying to get famous.

The blooper video has been bouncing around online over the past week, landing the reporter and the camel on “Inside Edition” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and raising the profile of Morgan, who has been with WWBT since 2002.

While there are plenty of instances of local news gaffes becoming viral hits, the camel video is unique in that it’s being heavily promoted by Morgan as well as the station.

WWBT posted the footage to YouTube, emphasizing that it is the “Official Video” and urging viewers to comment about it on the station’s Facebook page. And while Morgan has been using Facebook and Twitter for quite some time, a quick look at her pages on both social networks show that the camel video has sparked a big increase in her interaction with viewers.

Morgan’s even gone so far as to change her Twitter icon to a photo of the camel encounter.

“I’m still cracking up about it… every time I watch…” Morgan wrote on Facebook recently. And hundreds of thousands of people are cracking up along with her.