Reporter Relieved Pet Tortoise Survives Matthew

By Kevin Eck 

Wilmington, N.C. reporter Kirsten Gutierrez became the story when a tree fell on her house while she was out reporting about Hurricane Matthew.

“I was in Southport reporting on other people’s damages and power outages,” Kirsten said. “The last thing I expected was to get a call that my house had a tree on it and half my room was gone.”

The WWAY reporter came home to find her closet and part of her house were missing thanks to a large tree that fell during the storm.

“Kirsten’s closet is gone completely. Her clothes are gone, along with her shoes and TV,” reported the Wilmington ABC affiliate. “Fortunately they are all replaceable items, and she’s quite thankful.”

Gutierrez was more worried about her pet tortoise Tucson, though.

“Tucson is my life, and I know people are like, ‘Oh, whatever,’ but I was so worried about him and afraid that he wouldn’t be there,” she said.

Tucson survived.

“Thankfully he was downstairs,” said Gutierrez.