WVUE Makes Anchor Changes

By Kevin Eck 

New Orleans Fox affiliate WVUE is making changes to its morning newscast starting Monday, June 20.

John Snell and Nancy Parker are moving to the morning show. The two will be joined by Greg Adaline, who will anchor the Fox 8 Alert Center. They’ll join meteorologist Shelby Latino, traffic reporter Kristi Coleman and Deven Clarke.

Weekend anchor Meg Gatto will move to the 4:30 a.m. show.


“I’m very excited to join the morning show and the expanded format gives Nancy and I a great outlet to stretch ourselves journalistically and have a whole lot of fun as well,” said Snell.

“John and I have spent nearly two decades serving viewers across Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi and can’t wait to kick start the day for viewers everywhere,” said Parker.

John and Nancy’s move to mornings bring other exciting changes to FOX 8 Newscasts. Here’s the new anchor line-up for FOX 8 News.
Liz Reyes and Meteorologist Bruce Katz will remain on FOX 8 News at Noon.
-Liz Reyes joins Shelley Brown on the anchor desk with Bruce Katz and Sports Director Juan Kincaid for the FOX 8 News at 4pm.
Lee Zurik and Kim Holden will take over anchor duties left behind by John and Nancy and join Chief Meteorologist David Bernard and Juan Kincaid on FOX 8 News at 5pm.
-Lee Zurik will be joined by Shelley Brown along with Bernard and Kincaid on FOX 8 News at 9pm.
-Kim Holden and Lee Zurik along with Bernard and Kincaid wrap up the night on FOX 8 News at 10pm.
Rob Krieger will anchor weekends with Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood and Sports Anchor Chris Hagan.