WUSA Crew Helps Find Missing Baby

By Kevin Eck 

TEGNA’s WUSA helped police track down a missing baby after an Amber Alert was issued statewide in Virginia.

Andrea McCarren a reporter for the Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate along with photojournalist Dave Satchell got a tip on the baby’s whereabouts from a neighbor.


She called police and told them where the mother might be hiding. McCarren and Satchell then drove to the apartment themselves and saw the van identified in the Amber Alert. Then they waited till the police arrived.

“You can imagine the feeling as I’m reading off the license plate numbers and I’m also looking at my notes thinking this is in fact the car that police were looking for,” said McCarren. “This was the key to the missing 6-week-old baby.”

After about 30 minutes, the FBI found the child and arrested the mother.

“This was a very satisfying outcome for the WUSA9 team,” said executive news director Bill Lord. “Our people in the field made all the right decisions and the baby was located unharmed.”