WTVQ Meteorologist Says He’ll Need Vocal Cord Surgery Soon

By Kevin Eck 

WTVQ meteorologist Michael Estime told viewers on his facebook page he needs surgery on his vocal cords.

Estime said his voice has been strained over the past several months so he went to a specialist to see what was up.

“I found out that, like others (…singers Adele, Sam Smith and talk show host Rachael Ray) who overuse their voice for work, I suffered a serious vocal cord hemorrhage that lead to the development of a vocal cord cyst/polyp,” he wrote.

He said he’ll likely need surgery in the near future and added the station has been “tremendously supportive.”

Part of the plan to help him out is to cut him from 25 to three hours of talking a week, which means he’ll move from the morning, noon and midday newscasts to weekends.