WTVJ Chief Meteorologist Wants More Reporting About Climate Change

By Kevin Eck 

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WTVJ chief meteorologist John Morales sent out a series of tweets expressing his frustration with what he sees as the lack of reporting about rising sea levels caused by climate change.

“Nearly all AMS members (96%) think climate change – as defined by AMS – is happening, with almost 9 out of 10 (89%) stating that they are either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ sure it is happening,” says a survey conducted by George Mason University about climate change. “Only 1% think climate change is not happening, and 3% say they don’t know.”

The chief meteorologist for the Miami NBC-owned station wants more meteorologists to connect the King Tides with rising sea levels. South Florida is currently dealing with flooding caused by King Tides, which are especially high tides that happen once or twice a year.

Though a quick check of the Miami ABC affiliate (WPLG) website shows a report making the connection.

From WPLG:

University of Miami Department of Atmospheric Sciences professor Dr. Ben Kirtman told Local 10 News that sea-level rise is to blame.

“You can sort of think of the tides as adding on top of sea-level rise and sea levels rising, and so the high tides are higher and they have been doing that for the last 10 or 15 years,” Kirtman said.