WTVF Files Motion to Dismiss Judge’s Libel Lawsuit

By Andrew Gauthier 

Nashville’s WTVF and its star investigative reporter Phil Williams have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against them by a local judge, who is accusing the station of making libelous statements about him in stories that ran over the past year.

The motion, filed this week in a Tennessee circuit court (the memorandum in support of the motion is embedded after the jump), states that the stories at issue “do not contain any false and defamatory statements” concerning Judge Dan Eisenstein (above, left) and therefore the lawsuit should be dismissed.

The stories at issue concern a possible ethics investigation involving the judge last summer, and his involvement with a man who was performing psychological treatment services for mentally ill defendants despite the fact that he was not a licensed psychologist.


The legal defense team for WTVF and Williams outline the appropriateness and veracity of these stories in the memorandum, below…

WTVF Motion to Dismiss Eisenstein Lawsuit

The story regarding a possible ethics violation (the “First Story” in the memorandum) can be viewed HERE, the story involving the unlicensed psychologist (“Second Story”) is below…