WTVF Anchor Hannah McDonald’s Mother-in-Law, Who Works at Site of Nashville School Shooting, Is Safe

By Kevin Eck 

The school shooting in Nashville hit close to home for WTVF anchor Hannah McDonald.

McDonald said a few minutes before going on-air to report on the shooting at The Covenant School she learned her mother-in-law was safe.

“Sometimes, day one is just a lot of flashing lights and terrible details,” said McDonald. “I wanted people to know what goes on every other day here. This is a little personal for me. I have a relative who works at the school.”


McDonald’s mother-in-law works at the front desk and “was outside of the school and she heard gunshots, she had just gotten back from her break.”

Three adults and three children were killed in yesterday’s shooting.

McDonald’s husband Alex Apple, tweeted that his mother has worked at the school for more than 20 years.

“This one hits close to home,” he said. “My mom has worked at The Covenant School for nearly two decades. Even my prayers feel inadequate right now.”

Police said the suspect in the Nashville school shooting was 28-years-old and transgender who also happened to be a former student at the school. She was killed at the scene.