WTTG Puts Meteorologist Tucker Barnes in ‘Time Out Corner’ After Snowstorm Misses DC

By Merrill Knox 

Tucker Barnes, the morning meteorologist at WTTG, began his Thursday weather report  in the “time out corner” after a storm he said predicted would cause “whiteout conditions” completely missed Washington D.C.

“I don’t know why you guys have to do this to me,” Barnes joked (video above). “I mean, I don’t get it. How long do I have to sit over here?”


On Wednesday’s morning newscast, Barnes did his weather reports from outside in the snow, predicting increasingly bad conditions throughout the day. “The snow rates, while not impressive right now, will become impressive this morning. Perhaps an inch, maybe in some spots two inches an hour. Maybe whiteout conditions,” he said at the top of the 8 a.m. newscast.

D.C. was mostly shut down Wednesday due to predictions of a winter storm that would drop as much as 10 inches of snow on the metropolitan area. Although it only snowed briefly in Washington, the storm was severe in the Midwest, were four people were killed in weather-related traffic accidents. [h/t Drudge Report]