WTNH Reaches Non-Traditional Audience With Instagram’s New Stories Feature

By Kevin Eck 

New Haven, Conn., ABC affiliate WTNH is embracing the newly launched Instagram Stories feature to reach a new audience.

Stories, which is similar to Snapchat, lets users post as many videos or photos as they like during the day. Those stories appear in a slideshow format and the collected works then go away after 24 hours.

“With Instagram Stories, it takes their offerings of solely visual content to the next level: live storytelling,” said WTNH director of Audience Development, Vanessa Wojtusiak. “Instagram Stories add more dimension to the content beyond just posting a standalone, typically filtered and well thought out photo or produced video clip. It adds a level of spontaneity and engagement.”


Wojtusiak said the station, which has been using the new feature for about a month, is looking to tap into Instagram’s largely female audience. But there’s no way to know who’s watching just yet.

“It’s all about visual content right now,” said Wojtusiak. “It doesn’t require too much involvement from the person who’s consuming the content. So they could just tap through and read the news headlines and hopefully go to our website or download our app as the next step.”