WSB Reporter Charged with DUI

By Chris Ariens 

WAGA and WXIA reported on the arrest of a WSB reporter early Wednesday morning.

According to Atlanta police, WSB Reporter Tyisha Fernandes was pulled over for driving 66 mph in a 35 mile per hour zone.

WAGA reports that in his police report, the officer writes that Fernandes smelled like alcohol. She was arrested and charged with speeding and DUI. From WXIA:

According to the responding officer, she said at one point that she was leaving work, another that she was leaving a local club and on another occasion that she left work, went to a club and was leaving as she was pulled over.

The report added that the officer performed a series of sobriety tests which were met with mixed results. Officials said she refused the option of removing her shoes, which were described as high heels.

Fernandes joined WSB two years ago from Cox-owned WFXT in Boston.