WRAL Reporter Moving Into Station Owner’s Corporate Office

By Kevin Eck 

WRAL anchor and reporter Monica Laliberte is moving into a corporate position with station owner Capitol Broadcasting Company.

As director of Communication and Engagement for CBC, Laliberte will work to recruit, support and grow the internal company team.

Laliberte, who worked as a consumer advocate at the Raleigh, N.C., NBC affiliate for 27 years, said it’s time for a change after 38 years in local TV.


“I am grateful to the many who supported me along the way: my bosses, mentors, and co-workers, but I am most grateful to the viewers who have trusted me, believed in me, shared their stories with me and watched. I owe YOU for this priceless career,” she said.

She told the station the move is “ … a fantastic, new adventure. I’m going from working for all our viewers, to working to support and grow our great employees across all Capitol Broadcasting Company divisions, as well as recruit new employees. To get to stay with this great company and my awesome co-workers in this role is an incredible opportunity.”

WRAL said the work Laliberte has done under the 5 On Your Side brand led to change in North Carolina laws and regulations.

“Monica’s contributions to the WRAL News team are immeasurable,” said Rick Gall, WRAL news director. “She leaves behind a momentous legacy of righting wrongs, helping people save money, arming viewers with info to protect their families and prompting change.”