WPRI’s Kim Kalunian Gets First ‘Skype Seat’ Question at White House Press Briefing

By Chris Ariens 

Last week White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the James Brady briefing room would be equipped with four seats meant for reporters who live outside Washington, D.C.–so called Skype seats. The first reporter called on at today’s briefing was reporter Kim Kalunian of CBS affiliate WPRI in Providence.

“Can you hear me okay?” Kalunian asked as she began her question which was about sanctuary cities–which Providence is–and when Pres. Trump plans to institute federal funding cuts, as he’s promised. “I think the president’s goal in ending sanctuary cities is pretty clear. We want to, with the other actions, keep America safe,” said Spicer, adding that when a list has been finalized, the press would be made aware.

Natalie Herbick of Fox 8 in Cleveland got the second question. She asked about Trump’s plan for job growth in parts of the country that need it most.



The third Skype seat question came from conservative radio talk show host Lars Larson who talked about the federal government being “the biggest landlord in America” and whether the president will tell “the forest service to start logging our forests aggressively again to provide jobs for Americans, money for the treasury, and not spending 3 and 1/2 billion dollars every year on fighting forest fires?”


Jeff Jobe of Jobe Publishing got the fourth Skype seat question. The publisher of 15 newspapers serving 5 counties in Southern Kentucky, Jobe asked when Pres. Trump would lift regulations on coal mining. Spicer said, “I think once we have the Secretary of Energy confirmed we will continue to take steps and move forward.”