WPIX’s Sukanya Krishnan Recalls Reporting On 9/11/01: ‘It Feels Like You’re In A Nightmare’

By Merrill Knox 

FishbowlNY has an interview with WPIX morning anchor Sukanya Krishnan today as part of the ongoing “9/11: New York Remembers” series. Krishnan — who joined WPIX in August 2001, just a month before the attacks — contributed to the station’s marathon coverage from Ground Zero:

The long day’s journey into night for Krishnan kept her reporting until the news director finally persuaded her to go home.

“I ended up stopping off at NYU and getting my eyes rinsed out because I just couldn’t see from all the soot,” Krishnan says.


By the next morning, the toxic debris cloud had lifted. Krishnan was walking through ground zero when a stuffed animal became much more than a misplaced doll for the reporter.

“It’s a symbol of us right now—lost innocence, forever changed, shattered—it’s all just laying there, and this teddy bear is an example of what we are right now,”  Krishnan recalls.

Another image that stuck with Krishnan was the mangled, twisted steel rising from where the twin towers once stood.

“It feels like you’re in a nightmare,” Krishnan says. “And then you think of all your friends.”

Read the full interview here.