Woman Found Dead After Husband Calls KOMO And Says He Killed Her

By Merrill Knox 

An overnight phone call to the KOMO assignment desk set off an extensive police search for a woman after her husband called the station and said he had killed her.

Sara Barrett, 42, was found dead at 6 a.m. Thursday, according to the Seattle ABC affiliate. Police were alerted to her disappearance on Wednesday night after her husband, Tony James Barrett, called the KOMO assignment desk Wednesday night.

According to the station, Barrett said: “I just killed my wife … I want you to put it on your Facebook.” He went on to say that authorities would find her “by tonight or tomorrow” and disconnected when the station asked if they could contact the police.


The station immediately notified the authorities, who launched a search for Sara Barrett. Tacoma police located her husband early Thursday morning and pursued him across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at high speeds. The chase came to an end when police placed spike strips in the path of his vehicle.

Barrett was charged for attacking his wife in 2007, when he held a pillow over her face until she nearly suffocated. He served one day in jail and two years under the Department of Corrections supervision.

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