Woman Brandishes WXYZ Tripod in Fight Outside Detroit Courthouse

By Andrew Gauthier 

Chaos erupted outside of a Detroit courthouse on Saturday afternoon and a WXYZ tripod was brandished as a weapon in the melee.

After a 35-year-old man was arraigned on murder charges, the families of the victim and the defendant in the case confronted each other outside of the courthouse. As things heated up between the two groups, a woman connected to the defendant grabbed a WXYZ tripod that was standing on the sidewalk and began waving it around.

“Stand back cameraman, because I’m going to kill these [expletive]”, the woman said, according to WXYZ.

After carrying the tripod over her head as she circled around the group, the woman eventually slammed it to the ground and ripped off one of its legs to apparently use as a weapon.

Here’s WXYZ’s report on the chaos and the tripod casualty…

[Via WXYZ]