Woman Smashes Hartford News Crew’s Camera in Early Morning Attack

By Kevin Eck 

An unidentified woman grabbed a WVIT camera, smashed it to the ground twice and then went after the news crew with it while they were sitting in the Hartford, Conn. police parking lot.

Jennifer Joas, a reporter for the Hartford NBC-owned station, recorded the attack. She was sitting inside a vehicle with a station photographer when it happened.

“This happened at 4:43 this morning – all while I was sitting right on the other side of that glass,” Joas wrote on Facebook. “My photographer & I have no idea why.”

In the video (see below), the woman picks up the camera and slams it to the ground twice. She then picks it up and throws it at the vehicle with the reporter and photographer inside. The two managed to drive away unharmed.

“This is the third time in two months that a person has become agitated for unknown reasons & prevented me from doing my job,” said Joas. “We are all human beings just trying to make a living and return home to our families at the end of the day. I am so grateful I made it home today.”