WOFL Anchor Explains Disappearance from Show

By Kevin Eck 

John Brown, anchor for Orlando FOX owned station WOFL,¬†took to facebook to explain his disappearance from Thursday’s morning show.

A quick check of TVEyes shows Brown anchored the top of the 6:00 a.m., then disappeared after a couple of stories.

The Orlando Sentinel reports Brown told viewers he blacked out from a “toxic drug interaction.”

“Thanks for all the ‘get well’ messages,” he wrote. “Here’s what happened when I ‘disappeared’ from the show on Thursday. I blacked out due to what doctors called a ‘toxic drug interaction.’ It was a weird combination of pain meds for my back and cold/allergy medication coupled with dehydration. It happened in a matter of seconds in what I can only describe as an explosion in my brain. When the drugs finally get into the blood stream it knocked me out cold. Pretty scary, but everything turned out fine after 24 hours in the hospital! The good folks at Central Florida Regional could not have been better.”

He thanked three people who “apparently found me passed out somewhere in the building! How I got there, the security camera only knows. Thanks again for to everyone for checking on me!”

He amended the post with this advice: “Don’t do drugs. But if you do drugs prescribed by a doctor, don’t do so many on an empty stomach!! ‘What a long strange trip.'”