WNEP’s ‘Apparently’ Kid Rocks the Internet

By Mark Joyella 

He’s gone viral. A five-year-old named Noah Ritter, discovered by a WNEP news crew at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania, grabbed the mic and began riffing on camera about the fair, his family, and life. Apparently:

Utilising the word ‘apparently’ like only a child who just discovered how to use a word can, Noah gave an account of the scariness of the rides along with an insight into how hard it is being a kid and apparently having to watch your dad’s stupid shows all the time.


Apparently this was Noah’s first time on live TV, as he kept reiterating, but he could have fooled us, the kid is a natural.

Christopher Hooton, writing in the UK’s Independent, imagined the start of the day for WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda and a photographer he calls “Jim”:

Sofia winced as she drained the whiskey glass and set it down heavily on the bar in front of her.

“Come on, Jim,” she sighed at the cameraman slumped on the stool beside her, “The boss will kill us if we don’t cover the fair, who knows, maybe a bull will get loose at the livestock sale this year and maul some onlookers.”