WNBC Reporter Reaching Out to Younger Audience

By Kevin Eck 

WNBC reporter Ida Siegal is looking to pass on her passion for journalism to kids by writing her first children’s book titled, Emma Is On The Air.

Siegal told told Tuned In’s Jerry Barmash she wrote the book to answer a question kids ask her while she’s out in the field reporting: “How can I get on TV?”

“There’s a real, genuine enthusiasm with these children, and it doesn’t matter who the child is, what the economic background is, what neighborhood we’re in; it’s pretty much across the board everywhere we go,” Siegal says.

She fills a void by teaching curious children about journalism, thanks to Emma’s make-believe reporter experiences. Siegal takes it step further, putting the lead character in the first person.

Emma Is On The Air went on sale Tuesday. Siegal recently had her first book signing. “I can’t tell you how much fun this was,” Siegal wrote on her facebook page.