WMAQ Searching for an Assistant ND, Again

By Andrew Gauthier 

The position of Assistant News Director at Chicago’s WMAQ is now back up on the NBCUniversal job board.

After being hired as WMAQ’s assistant news director last month, Shannon Hammel has decided that she doesn’t want the job. According to Chicago media blogger Robert Feder, Hammel has turned down the offer citing “personal and family reasons” and will stay on as managing editor at Dallas NBC O&O KXAS.

WMAQ has been without an assistant ND since the end of May, when Chris Pena left for a job at NBC News in New York.


The current WMAQ job posting lists a “minimum of 3 years experience working in a medium to large market as a news director, or as a news manager in a major market” and a willingness to commit to the job once you are hired (just kidding, we made up that last part).