WKRC Chief Meteorologist ‘Easing Back’ After Surgery

By Kevin Eck 

WKRC chief meteorologist Tim Hedrick says the reason he hasn’t been seen on-air much recently is because he’s “easing back” into the job after surgery.

“I am coming off a bit of surgery from earlier this month,” Hedrick told told John Kiesewetter in an email. “The procedure was not conducive to me running back and getting in front of the cameras for 4 or 5 shows a day. So I am easing back into it. If you don’t see me on TV, I am usually behind the scenes.”

Though he didn’t say what the surgery was for, he did say he’s old enough to know “life doesn’t always occur according to Nielsen Sweeps.”


He took a six week leave of absence from the Cincinnati CBS affiliate in 2012 for personal reasons and five weeks in 2008 to recover from prostate cancer.