WJLA Photog Injured During Trump Protests

By Kevin Eck 

Sinclair’s Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate WJLA says one of its photographers was knocked down and injured during one of the inauguration protests in that city’s downtown this morning.

WJLA says the story is still developing.

NBC News reports protests turned violent this morning before the inauguration of Donald Trump. “Witnesses described the protesters, many wearing black and dressed in hoods and masks, throwing rocks at glass storefronts, including a Starbucks and banks, and clutching hammers, bricks and crowbars,” reports NBC. “Protesters flung the bricks at police cars, although it was unclear what set off the situation, said Staff Sgt. Mark Stevenson of the D.C. Army National Guard. Police added that two officers suffered minor injuries ‘from coordinated attacks by members of the group that were attempting to avoid arrest.'”


Here’s a tweet from Politico’s director of Photography and a reaction from a WJLA reporter.