WINK Reporter Has Scare After Plane Home Hits Birds

By Kevin Eck 

WINK reporter Andrew Scheinthal had a scary moment on his flight from Chicago back to Fort Myers, Fla., Friday.

WBBM reports Scheinthal’s flight had to turn back 10 to 15 minutes after take off. The pilot said the plane hit some birds and had to go back to O’Hare.

“It was certainly terrifying for a couple of seconds,” Scheinthal told the Chicago CBS-owned station. “When the pilot comes over the speaker, and says there’s a problem with the plane, because we crashed into birds, and we need to land as soon as we can, that’s something no passenger wants to hear.”


Scheinthal said he thought about Captain Chesley Sullenberger who had to land his US Airway’s plane on the Hudson River after hitting a flock of geese.