WINK Adds 10 a.m. Newscast to Daily Programming

By Merrill Knox 

As we told you this morning, good things are happening in local news: stations are regaining advertisers, staffing up, expanding local newscasts. Now WINK — the CBS affiliate in Fort Myers — is becoming the latest station to add more news to the daily programming lineup.

The station will debut a 10 a.m. newscast on September 6. “We think it’s an opportunity because nobody else is on in that time period right now,” WINK news director Russ Kilgore told The Fort Myers News-Press.

The 10 a.m. news will be anchored by Jennifer Stacy and Rob Spicker, with an as-yet-unnamed meteorologist contributing weather reports. Kilgore noted past success in “nontraditional” time periods would indicate an appetite for news in the later broadcast.


“There are people out there in front of their televisions [at these times],” Kilgore said. “Maybe they didn’t get to watch the traditional morning news — getting their kids off to school or out walking the dog. When they get home, they are looking for news.”