Why You Should Check Out Google Plus

By Andrew Gauthier 

Google has introduced a brand-new social networking platform to a world seemingly saturated with ways to connect and interact with people online. So the new Google+ has many–especially news outlets–asking “Why bother?”

Well, Steve Safran, a TV news consultant and editor of the social TV blog Lost Remote, says that Google+ is definitely worth a whirl. Admitting that he’s “the definitive early adopter,” Safran writes for RTDNA:

It’s way too early to tell if it will be a “Facebook Killer” or what. Still, I’m going to recommend you give it a shot. It’s quick and painless. And you might as well stay on top of the social media developments.

Safran points out that, unlike Facebook, Google+ doesn’t offer fan pages, which stations everywhere use as a hub for connecting with their viewers online. He suggests that stations develop personal Google+ accounts–both for talent and management–and take advantage of the platform’s group features.