WHP News Van Caught in Riots

By Kevin Eck 

WHP reporter Christina Butler told viewers she and a station news photographer were caught in the mayhem during last night’s riots in Baltimore. Station photographer Bill Seiders also posted the story on his facebook page.

The reporter for the Harrisburg, Pa. CBS affiliate said around 2:00 p.m. yesterday, the two were heading to a shopping area where protestors were gathering. She said crowds turned on a police car in front of them, shattering its window. When the cops got away, crowds then turned on the news van. Butler said the crowd hit the van with rocks and sticks and showed the damage on air in the video below.

She told anchors Robb Hanrahan and Tanya Foster, “It was almost amazing in a sense how quickly this went from people just kind of gathering along the streets and maybe just chanting here and there…to all of a sudden turning violent, throwing those things, screaming, yelling and sort of invading the street.”