Who’s Tops in Miami Social Rankings?

By Kevin Eck 

Here’s a look at the social rankings for market 16, Miami, Florida from November 6 to December 5 as compiled by Share Rocket.

The 25 Share from Sunbeam’s WSVN took the top spot among the six stations Share Rocket tracks in Miami. ABC affiliate WPLG came in second with a 23 Share. One of the big movers in social media was WSCV which grew its Share 44 percent.

Gloria Ordaz from Univision-owned WLTV accounts for 4.1 of the total market Share in the last 30 days. WSCV’s Jasmina Marazita, trails with a 3.3 Share. WTVJ’s Jamie Guirola got on the leader board after growing his audience by nearly 10 percent and improving his Share by a 489 percent in the last 30 days.


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