Who is this Former WFSB Anchor/Reporter?

By Chris Ariens 

Why, that’s Mika Brzezinski during her time at WFSB Channel 3. She’s come a long way from Hartford (about 2.5 hours down I-95). WFSB anchor Dennis House has written up a lengthy photo-filled tribute post to Brzezinski — with so much ’90s hair even the makers of Pantene would blush. House and Brzezinski started at WFSB around the same time.

Thanks to a thorough search of the WFSB archives, I uncovered Mika’s first report in August of ’92. It was from a carnival, on the business of summer. In fact, for months her reports were a far cry from the weighty political topics she now deals with every morning alongside Joe Scarborough. There was a hard-hitting expose on which breed of dog is the smartest, to parades and fairs, but eventually Mika got some more serious assignments.

The “Morning Joe” team of Mika and Joe Scarborough were in central Connecticut earlier this week for the Hartford Public Library’s One Fabulous Big Summer Night fundraiser. While there, they taped an interview for House’s public affairs show, “Face the State,” which will air this Sunday.