WHIO Reporter Haley Kosik Out After YouTube Rant

By Kevin Eck 

Haley Kosik no longer works at WHIO after posting a rant where she talked about her time at the Dayton CBS affiliate.

“As of today, I am no longer employed at WHIO. It has and always will be the viewers’ opinions that matter the most to me,” she wrote on Facebook. “Thank you for your endless support, it’s what kept me going. But as in life, I must move on.”

In the video, first reported by FTVLive, Kosik called WHIO “the bane” of her existence and said the day she started working there she knew the station wasn’t for her. She added that she signed her life away for three years and the station broke every promise it made to her.

Kosik also said that after the managers that hired her left the station, the new managers didn’t support or respect her and that her news director told her that she had plateaued and wasn’t going anywhere in her career.

We asked WHIO about it and will update when we hear back.

She started working at WHIO in October 2021 after working at WOWK in Charleston, W.V. for three years.