While Covering Nashville Shooting, WSMV Reporter Reveals She’s a School Shooting Survivor

By Kevin Eck 

Three children and three adults are dead after a mass shooting at a school in Nashville, Tenn., this morning.

During a live report about the shooting WSMV reporter Joylyn Bukovac revealed she is a survivor of a school shooting.

She said Monday’s shooting brought back her eighth-grade memories, running and not knowing where the gunman was.


“It’s just flooding back,” she said. “Flashbacks for me.”

Bukovac said that she was in a hallway with her classmates when a gunman opened fire, shooting and killing a student.

“And just after hearing the gunshots, I just knew to run and hide,” she said. “I hid underneath the risers in my choir class and those minutes and hours of waiting to be released by police officers, it just felt like a lifetime. I knew my phone was taken, it was turned off so that no one could find me.”

The 28-year-old suspect in today’s shooting was shot dead by police. She may have been a former student at the school