Which Station Leads Social in Los Angeles?

By Kevin Eck 

Los Angeles Fox-owned station KTTV made some gains in the race for social media leader in the Los Angeles market between January 16 and February 15, 2017, according to data from Share Rocket.

Market leader ABC-owned KABC maintained its hold on the top spot with a 32.6, but KTTV upped its share by 33.5 percent to 26.6. Tribune’s KTLA was third with an 18.6 and KNBC came in fourth with a 9 Share.

KABC had more than 5.25 million engagements on its main brand social pages during the 30 days, which was nearly 2 million more than next closest station KTTV which had 3.37 million. KABC’s main station Facebook page brought in 4.48 million of the 5.25 million total engagement on the station’s main brand pages with 7,111 engagements per post.


L.A. has five individuals with a 0.9 Share or higher. KTTV reporter Mario Ramirez led during the 30-day period with a 2.5 share. Ramirez grew his total audience on social 35.9 percent and had 245 percent more engagement on his pages compared to the previous 30 days. Most of his engagement came from his Facebook page.

Half of the top ten individuals in that time period work at KTTV.

KNBC’s Marin Austin was the biggest mover on social in the market compared to the previous month, gaining 143 spots in the market overall from 162 to 19. A January 21 viral tweet about a women’s rally was the big helper.

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