‘When’s the Rain Going to Stop?’: Charles Barkley Takes Over the KNXV 10 PM News

By Kevin Eck 

Basketball Hall-of-Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley dropped by the studios of Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV for Sunday night’s 10 p.m. newscast and quickly made it the “Sir Charles Show.”

Barkley, who was at the station to be a guest of the “Sports Sunday” show airing after the news, quickly steered the broadcast and all conversation towards himself, holding forth on such subjects as his weight, his schedule for manicures and pedicures and his fond childhood memories of his grandmother’s vast supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.


He interrupted Randy Collins’ weather cast by asking when the rain was going to stop and then proceeded to inquire about the weather where he lives (Scottsdale) and what the weather would be like for one of his favorite sports (golf).

“Now, here comes the big day for the Waste Management Open,” said Sir Charles standing in front of the seven day forecast graphic. “What have we got for Thursday? 72? Phil Mickelson, you better should a good round that day.” Collins then interjected, “This is looking just like your scorecard down here.  See? 72. 72.” To which the man with one of the worst golf swings ever replied, “Well that’s what I shot on the front side. I’m not very good.”

Near the end of the broadcast he sat on set with anchor Stephanie Hockridge, sports director Craig Fouhy and Collins and talked about his dislike of facebook and twitter since he said people are always asking him for money.  He then dispensed advice on the subject saying, “you’re lending somebody money who doesn’t have money?  How the hell they going to pay you back?”

He brought his appearance to a close by talking about his often controversial opinions. “I figured out. It doesn’t matter what you say,” said Barkley. “Half the people like it and half the people hate it.”