WHDH Reporter ‘Excited’ About Station Losing NBC

By Kevin Eck 

WHDH investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan says she’s “excited” about the Boston Sunbeam-owned station’s loss of its NBC affiliation.

“I’m excited, oh absolutely,” Ryan told The Boston Herald. “People here are excited. The place is buzzing, people are working hard. This is not a station that’s nervous. We’re empowered.”

The station plans on adding more local news to help fill programming holes left by the departure of NBC programming on January 1. Last week, NBC announced NBC Boston’s lineup and call letters.

Ryan has worked at WHDH since 1982 and says she’s never seen so much hiring at the station.

“Every day when I come into work there’s someone in the lobby who’s a candidate to be a new reporter or a new producer,” Ryan said.