WHAM Reporter Silenced for Asking Sandra Lee About Her Newly Inaugurated Boyfriend

By Andrew Gauthier 

WHAM reporter Sean Carroll was silenced by aides for Sandra Lee after he asked the Food Network star about her boyfriend, newly inaugurated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

During an event at a Rochester food bank in which Lee was, according to a press release, using “her added notoriety as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s significant other to raise awareness of hunger in New York State,” Carroll brought up the topic that other reporters had been dancing around.

When Carroll and his photojournalist pressed Lee about her relationship with Gov. Cuomo, one of her aides shut the press conference down.  Carroll, who has been with the Rochester ABC-affiliate since 2007, was told that he could no longer ask Lee questions.


Here’s video of the exchange…

In a post about the exchange, Carroll wrote that, although Lee’s aides made it clear that questioning should be about her food bank initiatives, he felt that WHAM’s “viewers/readers needed a word or two about why Ms. Lee would not so much as mention the job her boyfriend just began…a job that includes governing some 19 million New Yorkers.”